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About Scott Davidson, M.D.

I am a family physician who has been caring for patients, of all ages, in all walks of life, since 1998.  I value my relationships with my patients as an essential component of providing high quality care.  I practice evidence-based medicine and keep up with advancing medical knowledge.  I have found over the past years that maintaining relationships and providing the quality of care that I insist on are no longer possible in primary care within the constraints of insurance and large healthcare organization requirements.  Therefore, I present to you my solution, Generations Primary Care.  


Medical School - University of South Florida

                               College of Medicine

Residency in Family Medicine - Florida Hospital


Fellowship in Obstetrics - University of Alabama


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About Nichole Esquibel

A partner in our mission of caring.

I was born and raised in Pueblo and I am a proud mother of 4 boys (5 including my husband). I enjoy outdoor activities and dabble in photography.  I worked with doctor Davidson for three years at the Family Medicine Residency program in Pueblo and have a total of 9 years of experience as a medical assistant.  I have a renewed passion for my career, as Direct Primary Care allows me to make a personal connection with our patients, getting back to how health care is meant to be.


What is direct primary care (DPC)?

Taking healthcare back from the out-of-control healthcare industry 

During our generation, primary care has changed dramatically.  For almost all of America's history, people paid their medical provider directly for care.  It was only in the late 20th century that health insurance become the primary method of payment for healthcare. Since the turn of the 21st century, the original practice of direct care is making a strong comeback.  There are now approximately 6,500 direct care physicians in America, with more joining every year.

Direct primary care is a departure from the fee-for-service healthcare model.  Instead of receiving revenue from co-pays and insurance payments for each visit, a DPC office is supported only by membership payments from their patients.  In order to remain free from the constraints of insurance companies, DPC offices don't bill insurance for their services.  Patients, however, still have the freedom to use their insurance to pay for other healthcare expenses such as medications, laboratory studies, imaging, specialty care, ER, and hospitalization.  Although, with high deductibles and growing healthcare costs, often these services are shockingly expensive through insurance.  In contrast, many DPC offices contract directly with labs and imaging companies to provide these services for their patients at a fraction of the cost and with transparent availability of the cost up front.  They also buy some medications directly from distributors and dispense them to their patients for pennies on the dollar.  DPC may be an answer for you to deal with rising healthcare costs, long waits to get into fee-for-service offices, and short impersonal office visits.  Studies have shown that direct primary care can even decrease unnecessary testing, frequency of ER and hospital visits and lower overall healthcare costs.

How Can I Help You?


Primary care for all ages


Prenatal Care and Delivery

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Pediatric care

medications dispensed in office at cost


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After hours virtual urgent visits

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Care Coordination


Discounted labs and imaging


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